Friday, January 23, 2009

Today is the beginning of the Lunar Holiday vacation. Katherine and I are off to Seoul and then Pusan (sometimes spelled Busan). I'll write more from the trip.

Katherine and the students SURPRISED me with a birthday party today! I'm 51 maƱana! I'll post pictures as soon as Maya tells me how. Just in case, here is Katherine's cell again: 52-2-01-8355.

Call me on Skype.




  1. Hey Elsa: Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! Did you ever guess that you'd be celebrating a birthday in Korea away from your family? I hope you have a great day! What is the special type of spa treatments offered in Seoul? Are you going to indulge? What are you eating for breakfast?

    Gadi and I communicated via FaceBook... and it was great to hear from him.